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Lets waste some time with capt. John
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Wednesday, July 11th, 2007
10:40 am
im fucking bored . . . . . its true i really am lol how are things in livejournal land for the what 3 4 people on my friends who still use this thing lol

my dad needs knee surgery and he dont have health insurance so basicly he went to the doctors and they gave him some pills and a splint and told him stay off of it and we will see what we can do about the surgery thing . . . so now hes home. . . all the fuckin time . . . . and hes fucking annoying . . . . i thought my mom bitched alot but NAY!! he has become the new winner of the pms 500 he bitches about EVERYTHING and all he does now is lay around get drunk and watch daytime tv

also and this is funny i quit my job right and during this weeklong period they continualy clled me asking me to come back to work lol so i did and yesterday was my first day back and they are now letting me make my own schedual and i hafta go in tomorow to negotiate my new pay because i and them both agree im worth more then minimum wage lol also in my department they had to bring over 3 guys to pick up my slack lol fuck shop rite im goin up nesham tonight to hand in apps i got the other day and tomorow i might go down south street and fill out some shit down there also my aunt said she could get me a job at drexel which would rock

ummm in love life section, i dunno shit happens

im almost 20 . . . ima be 20 next week, which means only one more year of illegal drinking then im aloud to do it which will be boring on my actualk birthday i dun wanna make a big deal out of it just chill wit some friends and go out maybe see a movie or sumthing i dunno but then saturday ima get FUCKED UP lol

i got batman tattooed on my arm and the other transformers symbol (autobots) on my leg
Tuesday, June 12th, 2007
12:57 am
"I got an itch I can't scratch
All these people on my back
Make me sick, they're all pricks
And your mother turns tricks
Don't bother me either way
And I don't care what you say
Don't need a hug
'Cause today I hate everything
I hate everything, fuck you" - The Suicide Machines

fuck the following:



-this fucking stupid economy based buyers and sellers (pimps and whores) world we live in


-everyone on myspace with there lil oh look at me im so fuckin cute wit my pixs showing me wearing nothing but my bra and panties or chuggin a 40 when im only 14 yea guess what ur all gonna get stds and fucking die, cuase your all little sluts and dumbasses i hope you all get your cocks and clits cut off

-Shop rite

-my manager at shop rite for givin me like a bajillion hours this week and i swear to god if i fail this assignment due thursday because he has taken my life for this fuckin store im gonna castrate him and quit

-school wit ther fuckin projects, just give me a test and i will ace it hands down, but these fuckin home projects are killin me because i have no time, right now im using this to vent while i take a break from studying and working on sed project

-all these supposed friends leaving me messages and comments saying how much they miss me and blah blah blah guess what no you dont, if you did you would make an attempt at seeing me, wanna know why i dont try to keep in contact with you? BECAUSE YOUR NOTHING TO ME, yea i dont want to see you anymore thats why i dont stop by, hang out with you, or atleast message, comment, call, or text you once in awhile

-also what pisses me off in general, when people take the bus for less then 4 stops, you get on at cottman ave and get off at tyson? YOU LAZY PEICE OF SHIT FUCKING DIE YOU SERVE NO USE TO SOCIETY AND SHOULD NEVER REPRODUCE, ITS 3 FUCKING BLOCKS IT WONT KILL YOU TO WALK!!!!! yea ill take the subway for 2 stops, if im running late and will vicariously lose class time, but other then that ill walk my ass the what 8 blocks from city hall to ccp its not a far walk sumthing like 20 mins if you take your time and stop at every light and enjoy the scenery

-i went to the mall over the weekend to pick up the new chuck phalenuik book Rant (and its fucking amazing) and this little fucking scene hottopic cunt was making fun of a kid because he still used a cd player? she was saying why dont you just get an ipod? i cant believe anyone even uses those things anymore ther so big and bulky. Well she was two, fat whore, but how the fuck are you going to make fun of someone for not being able to afford an ipod, and still using a cd player, not everyone have daddys visa to fall back on, put on more mascara listen to more panic and fucking kill yourself, which apparently im a dick for telling her this

if you have taken the time to read this and agree with the majority of my venting (bitching) of lifes little annoyances i thank you for your time,
Tuesday, June 5th, 2007
12:47 am
so i told this kid the other day at work that if i ever met his mother id punch her in the face for all the aggravation shes caused me by breeding such an annoying walking advertaisment for castration,

and he didnt understand why i wanted to punch his mom, fucking people piss me off, now i need to dumb down my insults so that motherfuckers can understand them, this is bullshit

fuck the world and fuck your mother, not you, him over there to the left

Current Mood: crazy
Tuesday, April 17th, 2007
10:22 pm
SUCK ME BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday, April 4th, 2007
8:41 pm
"the ideas of me and you being together
is like the terms friendly fire or civil war
we just dont make any sense"

thats an exert i especialy like from one of the 20 sum odd songs i wrote in the past week, ya know being with sara has inspired some of the best anti-emo songs iv ever written

besides that heres a random fun fact about me you may or may not know . . . i hate you lol no not really well maybe someone who will read this, seeing as how aparently i talk shit behind peoples back when i havnt even though about them in months, but for some of the people who i know for a fact check this shit . . .

i dun got a problem wit the following:

X-Joie, miss ya buddy drop me a line sometime,

X-and laura still miss u like whoa kitten,

X-and heather, no i do hate you but in a fun hey i hate you lets do lunch typea way not a i hate you and hope u choke to death on a syphilus infected cock typea way

X-alley if ya check it dont hate you, same with angela well i think yous are a bit hypocritical in the sense of yous say you miss me but make no effort to hang out with me

X-Tina, wats up how ya been really thats kool maybe we can have a radom conversation on the L again

X-Sean dunno if you would see this but hey whats good, apple pie and wawa tea thats whats good

ummm other then that yall suck and hope you get breast cancer and your tits fall off ok thats a bit harsh but you get the point
Monday, April 2nd, 2007
9:30 am
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ what the fuck .....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................some one kill me ... seriopusly this shit fucking sucks i hate it so0o0o0o much what the fuck ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... this is with out a doubt the most emo entry ever ......... but i cant help it skool sucks work sucks relationships suck im losing friends ..................................................................................................................................................................................................................... whatever im going to go take a shit
Wednesday, March 7th, 2007
8:37 am
life sux what else is new thats tough, theres nothing you can do but im not the only one not havin any fun i got a funny feeling were all born to lose

thats a good song for today

im sick, like flu sick, which blows ass cause i was sick yesterday too, nd missd my apointment to get my leg tatt finishd

ya know it figures im on spring break and get decent hours at work and im home pukin

ima hafta call outa work today, also life just aint all that gr8 for me at the moment

workin in a job i hate, im with a women i cant stand, like ever, shes loud annoying hyper, and out of her fucing mind, i usualy dig the out of her fucking mind thing but thsi girl is just so fuckin hyper and immature its annoying nd i cant break up with her cause shes fuckin manic depressive nd if i do shell prolly fuckin kill herself nd im slowly starting to not care if she does or not

i need to get a car and my permit, cause well i dunno i need a car for the movie me nd tommy r makin, also i need it just so i can go visit peoples i miss who live far

which brings me to my next to[ic i miss laura . . . . like uber hxc i talkd to her for a bit last week that was kool but yea i dunno what the fucks wrong wit me anymore

and ya know what im gonna go do sumthing constructive with my home sick time, like read a book or clean my room i dunno and all i do is talk to myself in here cause NOBODY READS THIS i could prolly put a suicide note in here and no1 would know it

Current Mood: sick
Saturday, February 10th, 2007
8:12 am
"The future you have, tomorow, wont be the same future you had yesterday" - Buster Casey
Monday, January 29th, 2007
10:09 am
MY ARCH NEMESIS . . . . . YES IT IS HE . . . . . . . BILL NY THE MOTHERFUCKIN SCIENCE GUY always actin so smart . . . . he aint so fuckin smart . . . . . . . well anyway yes he lives, and he is working for hotmail ther gonna make a bomb (a spam bomb, the annoying e-mails, not the cannd ham)and take over the world HE MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!


ummm yea other then that nothing much over in these parts, and now back to you Chet Youbetcha with sports
Wednesday, January 24th, 2007
8:03 pm
WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD TODAY! no seriously i dont know

lol well ummm whats new with life

gots me a gf, thats goin ok i guess, she kinda annoys me sumtimes but then again everyone does i just dont like people, i guess im just pullin my old shit and freakin out about commitment nd picking out all her annoying lil habits but whatever, i hope she dont read this i dun feel like arguin today lol

i gots me a job, at shoprite lol, it sucks uber hxc but whatever its money

i startd skool up last week, my classes r ok i guess, english 101, counsoling 101 nd math 017 (which is basic algebra), my teachers r kool for the ost part, well except for counsoling i had her last year nd me nd her butt heads a bit

i miss my old friends, but not how they are now, i miss how they were, but when i look back on it, iv matured so much, that if i was still friends with them and they were how they were nd i was like how i am now, id hate them so0o much, but its mainly just the friendship i had with peoples like, alley sharon angela jackie kevv nd lucy everyone else i dun really give a fuck about

i also miss laura, but thats a hole other book

i have an essay to type for class tommorow, i so dont wanna do it

Current Mood: depressed
Tuesday, December 12th, 2006
1:36 pm
Bill Ny is a Bitch
yea i said it, i dunno why but i was thinking of random child hood memories today and Bill Ny (however the fuck he spells it) but yea for whatever reason he poped into my head and ya know what, Bill Ny the Science Guy is a bitch, always actin so much fuckin smarter then everyone else i wish i was on that show before it got canceld so i could mix the wrong chemicals together and fuck his shit up kamakazi style

uhhh yea so besides that i took my english final today, that went pretty good sure it was on everything i didnt study but i think i did ok, i know i was doin really good in the class before the final so it shouldnt dick up my grade to bad if i dont do good

also ive narrowd my major choices down to just 5
- Creative Writing
- Cinematography (director)
- Mortuary Science (Coroner)
- Medicine (doctor)
- Veterinarian (however its spelld, this is a fuckin livejournal i refuse to look up proper spelling for this thing)

the medicine thing is really just there cause i been watchin alota scrubs and kinda wanna be like Dr.Cox one day lol but the other 3 r things iv always had a lil bit of interest in

ahhh what the fuck uhhhhh yea fuck it im takin a nap

Current Mood: blah
Tuesday, November 21st, 2006
8:43 am
Life sucks, what else is new
i wont be the one not havin any fun, i gotta funny feeling were all born to lose

yea ummm well how are things huh?

yea they suck here too

i was talkin to someone the other day and he was just goin on and on about how bad his life has been lately and how everythings been going wrong for him, and i just couldnt bring myself to care....at all, i know i shoulda felt for him, but i couldnt i just told him like ya ummm look if yer life is that bad then do somthing to change it and quit bitching then i

then i told him how my life has been as of late
im bored with life, im lonely as hell, im in desperate need of a steady job, i hate christmas s0o0o much (specialy when yer broke as shit), im having a hard as fuck time learnin drums to start this fuckin band with a name i hate, i dont even have time to work on tattooing, im doing all this shit for school i didnt even start my senior project yet, i told my academic coordinator i would write another colum for the stupid lil paper thing i didnt even start, i now have uber pressure from a shit load of people to finish writing the script, and im sick.... so yea you nd your girlfriend having a fight cause you gotta go to work and not spend 24 hours a day with her and yer mom giving u shit to wash the dishes isnt really a big fuckin deal to me so suck it up tell yer girlfriend you need to go to work once and awhile and she needs to get off her fat ass and get to work too and wash a fuckin plate once and awhile and quit fuckin being a such a lil pussy


anyway lol how is everyone out there in the fancy thinking box world

god damnit i just realized i didnt even start my math homework due tomorow.....and i have a test....

YAY thanksgiving, do you know what im thankful for? cyanide lol jk im thankful for vegan stuffing and tofurkey lol

what im not thankful for is that i gotta spend a hole fuckin day with my family

Heres a list of answers i will say on thanksgiving, try to guess what the questions are:

-no im not working
-na im fine with it except christmas is comin up
-yea im still geting a bunch of tattoos
-no i wont regret them, i think tattoos are beutiful expressions of ones self
-im not gay
-no i dont believe its a sin
-i dont care what the bible says
-i dont really believe your idea of god
-no i dont have a girlfriend
-no im not gay
-i dont wanna go to law school gramma
-no thanks i dont eat meat
-im not gay
-because im attracted to women
-because i think its wrong to eat somthing with a family
-im not gay
-no i dont want any turkey
-because im a vegetarian
-no im not gay gramma

so yea thatll be the answers to all questions askd to me on thanksgiving


anyway lol ummm yea someone call me today im bored and will be home doing nothing except bullshit i dont wanna do

Current Mood: gloomy
Saturday, September 2nd, 2006
11:18 am
ive said it before and ill say it again
Lifes Tough get a helmet, well i been totaly stressed to no end in recent weeks no time for nothing, Laura sorry kitten i never called ya back, i would whenever i get home but its always like 10:30 - 12:00 and i dunno when u work, but anyways well yesterday was my last official day of work doin the construction shit, and i didnt even get a full week in, i took off monday and wednesday to look for part time jobs, the following places are fuck heads

Chuck E. Cheese
Ritas (franklin mills)

Chuck E. Cheese wouldnt even give me an application because i have semi-long hair, facial hair, and an earing

and Marchals and Ritas threw out my application when i handed it in so i say FUCK THEM STORES AND THERE FASICT NAZI REGIMES

also tuesday i had student orientaion

.... which suckd balls

it was 9 1/2 hours of BULL SHIT all we did more then half the time was "fun activities" which me in my nihlisitc ways didnt wanna do at all, like yea one thing would be kool, but not 574637629374 billion of them, i dont want to have friends in my class, having friends in school is wat fuckd me over before fuck that i wanna be friendless and do my fuckin work

also the movies coming along nicely lol

yes for the 2 people in the world who didnt hear me and my brother are making a movie, but were having a few small problems, Al dont wanna play his part because it was based on Mishner a lil bit, so i dunno ima just get rid of some of the mishner esk things about him, also im having a really really difficult time finding hot chicks who arent 14 willing to hook up with my friend anthony, who believes hes an uber pimp, but guess what, every girl who has hooked up with him, whom i thought i would have no problem doin that, and they regret hookin up with him and dont ever wanna do it again, so what the fuck, Alley wants her role changed a bit and thats not hard but still

so last night i went out job hunting, yes spent my friday night lookin for a job, went up to nesham, put in some applications, and well got hired on the spot at auntie anns or however its spelld, but yea i was hired on the spot there i start today at 4 lol so that and i dunno im not serious bout this job, i mean seriously its a mcjob ill just keep this till i have something with a little bit of longevity but also work tonight means no party which sucks but ya know its kool i been wanting to chillax a bit wit the hole partying and excessive drinking, which iv been doin alot recently which i dont like, i hate having an adictive personality

Current Mood: blah
Saturday, July 22nd, 2006
10:14 am
scene kids (well the guys anyway) ther not just pissed off uncomfortable emo kids in girls jeans, THER FUCKIN TRANNYS! yea ther DUDES wareing GIRLS jeans, thus they are fuckin TRANSVESTITES!
Sunday, July 9th, 2006
3:49 am
. . . . . and today startd off so well
today startd off with me waking up and me and my brother and 1 of his friends going down center city to the punk rock flea market, it was a fun lil thing i got a t-shirt a couple cds and vinyls a few comics a new back pack, a movie and even this funny lil thing with megaman shooting gorge bush in the head lol

then came back to my house to find that my parents got me an early birthday present, a radio that i said i liked that was on sale this week for 70, watchd some movies listind to music playd video games joked around with my brother, and just having fun

then rob and anthony came by and we were playing poker and drinkin some beers, then my mom found my bottle of jack . . . . . and from then on it was a slow and steady downfall for the night

so i go to my mom im tellin her yea its mine iv had it for awhile wats it to ya, and then she holds it up and half of what was left is gone, and then she says ill give it back to u, after i refill my cup and she downs another coffee cup filld with jack and i take the bottle and run cause i know how she gets when she drinks liqure oh wait never mind shes not even remotly an alcoholic shes a perfect fucking saint, so i go back downstairs and drink some more with tommy rob ant chilly willy and steve came by nd megan and were all havin fun . . . . . and then she comes back and shes drunker then before (cause she downd another 6 pack) but shes happy drunk mommy when everything is kool and fun so its not that bad just annoying, and she continues to drink and then turns in the intoxobeast where every1 is wrong and evil and an asshole and all she can say is fuck you, so obviosly now i am an asshole and i am the apitemy of everything that is wrong in the world

so shes yellin and screamin and throwing and knocking holes in walls and doors and wondering why every1 is leaving and avoiding her, so by this time im completely sober and my brother tommys drinking more (hes the only person who when smashd gives my mom a run for her money on the most psycotic and annoying drunk) he comes in my room telling me to punch him in the face and he aint leavin till i do, and since im sober i dont do it cause hell im not gonna punch him for no reason so then he turns off my radio and starts blockin the tv and kicks my bed and then i throw him out of my room, this gives away my hiding spot and my moms right there for the pounce, and she does i eventualy baracade my door and cover my ears and shit until i fall asleep about 10 to 15 minutes later shes poundin on my wall and door screaming open the fuck up so i do cause i have enough holes in my door, and she starts screaming more about how im a peice of shit and my dads a peice of shit and no1 appreciates her and shes so great and how shes done everything for us, so me being the way i am and using sarcasm when im highly upset how shes done everything including fuck me up mentaly so now shes really goin off and repeating herself

then she starts crying and kicking her door until she kicks a hole in it, then she tells me 1 of my friends stole her purse, first off yea my friends may be fuck ups, drug users, assholes, and degenerates, but not one of them would steal a purse, shearly due to the fact that they would look gay, they would steal shit from a purse but not a friends moms purse so im tellin her its here she just forgot ware she put it and shes freakin out more and more and more (btw it was on HER bed), and then starts yellin at me telling me she has breast cancer and has had it for awhile . . . . . and then throughout the drunken mumbling and cursing somehow comes to the conclusion its my fault that she has cancer . . . . . . . if i did give her cancer, please some1 let me in on HOW cause there is deff a few people in the world i believe deserve it

okey well this venting was very well needed even if no1 reads it, and i do believe the intoxobeast is asleep so ima try to go back to bed

Current Mood: pissed off
Friday, June 23rd, 2006
10:08 pm
everybodys talkin and noone says a word
"Everybodys Talkin and NoOne says a word" those are good words by a good man a bit out there perhaps, John Lennon hes a good guy did a lot for the world really spoke his mind and did things for causes he felt passionate about but ya gotta think how much they apply to recent times, like y would some1 give money to something they dont believe in, people talk about how they dont believe in god or criticize religion yet they go to church every week and give money to the collection plate, or they talk shit on a band and then go spend 30 bux on ther concert or 20 bux on ther cd or download ther music onto ther computer and hide it from there friends in hopes of not being calld a hipocrit cause they dont wanna admit to liking somethin thats not kool or hip or watever. people bitch about the government and how things should change and all and they dont do anything about it, some people talk about how unhappy they are or how they want all these great things in there life yet they work a dead end job in some shit mall with shitty hours, things dont just happen on there own it takes action to have somthing actualy happen, ive been seeing this more and more recently i dont believe in christianty nor that jesus christ was the son of god thus i dont go to church, i think the new afi cd is the worst peice of shit iv ever heard in my life thus im not going to there concert i thought hey sing the sorrow wasnt that bad sure it suckd but it had its moments no this cd is horrible and i had already bought a concert ticket before hereing it and then i decided fuck it i dont even want to see them in my eyes ther a hole new band there is AFI who put out great cds like black sails in the sunset all hallows very proud of ya and answer that and stay fashionable and then there a fire inside who release dog shit on a disc calld sing the sorrow and put out songs on the radio like Miss Murder and people call it punk rock fuck that shit givin the chance i would decapitate davey havok and do all old school afi fans and the world a favor, i myself personaly disagree with many things that happen in the government so wat do i do? i take action i attend protests and i send letters to my congressman or city council representative, i dont feel as tho its right to eat animals now thats y i dont, but also the world would be utter chaos if the entire world is vegan, now if some1 isnt happy with there job then they should quit and do somthing they wanna do for a living and take the proper steps to get to that point but will they no, because people r weak and pathetic and i am no different in a lotta ways and i hate people that do all those things but i dont do any of those so i am different in those ways but yet this entire entry has ment nothing and the world is not different for me posting this nor will it change by you reading it because you wont change or do anything to take a step forward in yer life to make it more content to your liking and the ones who this does pertain to are so fucking cluless they wont even realize it

Current Mood: drunk
Saturday, May 13th, 2006
12:21 pm
as always bands i wanna see will be bolditized

Rise Against
Motion Ciry Soundtrack
Saves the Day
Senses Fail
Against Me
Less Than Jake
The Casualties
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
The Sounds
Bullet for My Valentine
Bouncing Souls
From First to Last
Everytime I Die
The Academy Is..
Billy Talent
Armor for Sheep
The Pink Spiders
The Early November
Greeley Estates
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Stretch Arm strong
Gatsby's American Dream
Flashlight Brown
Riverboat Gamblers
Valient Thorr
Die Hunns

Current Mood: content
Sunday, May 7th, 2006
4:34 pm
im a walking contradiction and ive got no right
so yea last night was fun, dissapointing in certain ways and kinda annoying in others but i enjoyd it non the less

ever try to hang with old friends and realize u matured alot and they didnt, and dont want to and just kinda annoy u at times, yea that typea thing kinda bothers me

last night me, anthony, chilly willie, jim-bob, tommy, rob, and dominic were all playin poker which was fun of course anthony and jimbob kept runnin outside nd fuckin wit my brothers nd ther friends which was kinda annoying me cause i just wantd to fuckin play ya know nd rob kept leavin then he wantd to get his money back and go buy food so i was like whatever ya know it eventualy came down to me nd chillie and we just split it up he got more money cause he had more chips at the end but i still tripled my money so hey watever, also jamie, hollie, mike pizzo, allison, brian malazeki (however the fuck its spelld), nd lindzy were all there which was kool cause i dunn really see them all that much, nicole was suposd to come by after work but she didnt which dont really bother me too much but ya know whatever i dunno i aint even gonna try to make plans with her anymore shes always busy or sumthin i love the girl to death shes like 1 of my best friends and i trust more then almost any1 in this world but if she really wants to see me she can call me and hopefully not just to complain about barrett

in other news, friday night was rad for the most part i wish i coulda been at the party a lil longer but my friend came down and her dad was pickin her up at like 11:30 and we walkd to the party nd had to walk back so we got there like 8:30 and left at like 10:00 but it was kool i got to see alota people i havnt seen in awhile and havnt chilld wit in forever, and on friday morning/thursday night however u wanna look at it, it was 3:30am well anyways i fell down the steps and seriously dickd up my shoulder bad it still hurts but whatever i can take it im a badass lol

i hope i get my spider tatt finishd this week thatid be rad, i wanna like actualy chill wit tina tho not just get tattoos from her and thats it, like i dunno i do love getin inkd and i do trust her alot, but also i dont want her thinkin thats all im interested in from her i also wanna just chill shes rad to chill wit and check out girls wit lol and make fun of people wit lol

ahhhh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck cunt fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck twat fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fcck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck shit fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fukc dick fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck penis fuck fuck duck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck potatoe fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fukc fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fukc MOTHER FUCKER

yea i typed all of that there was no copy paste just me saying fuck among some more of my favorit words im bored

Current Mood: blah
Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
8:05 am
have u ever been in a situation ware u really didnt wanna hurt some1 but u knew that u were eventualy going to have to? i hate being in this situation because we'll i dont wanna hurt this person cause ther not a bad person by any means but i know i will

Current Mood: contemplative
Saturday, April 22nd, 2006
5:03 pm
i dont wanna make it i just wanna. . . .

tis a beutiful day out, ok no its not its rainy and miserable and kinda coldish

so i decided to chill wit the drinkin for a bit, i aint gonna stop but ima try to cut down to once or twice a month and when i do drink try my best to exhibite some self control and not black out lol

in good news iv been slowly starting to become happier with my own self image, and iv been becomeing more confident with my tattooing skills, i still dont think im great dont get me wrong by any means of the word, but iv been geting better and def need to keep practicing tho and need to get alot better and wouldnt recomend coming to me for 1 unless u just wanna be a gr8 friend and help me get better with working on real peoples

also aparently i steal peoples tattoo ideas because i got a transformers tattoo, and plan on geting my leg done in a transformers leg sleeve because i found out this kid matt (yea matt from croydon is sayin i stole his fuckin idea) who i dont even fuckin talk to anymore wantd a transformers sleeve the day before i got mine, i told jackie and mike i was getin it done and jackie was like no john u cant get a transformers tattoo matt wants that done, so im suposd to completely drop all my ideas because matt fucking wants it too, oh god forbid 2 people in the world have something that has the same theme, i guess i shouldnt of goten it because jordon from new found glory has optimous prime tattood on his leg or the singer for suicide city has a decepticon and autobot symbol done on each of his arms, ill admit i knew he wantd them because i told him over a year ago i was planin on getin transformer tatts (this is when sharon was still wit barbee yea that fuckin long ago) but me and him had a hole conversation about how we both wantd transformer tattoos he didnt seem to have a problem with me saying how badly i wantd them then but oh no john went and got it before him hes fuckin pissd fuck that, and Mike jackies boy friend is the one who told me matt thinks i stole the idea offa him which is fuckin bullshit cause i been wanting that fuckin shit for years now, because it is a show that effectd my life, and i dont mean because it had awsome robots no, because it is what brought together me and my best friend kris and made us friends when i was 4 years old and he was 6 we both loved transformers then and do now and when we were 15 we both said we were getin transformer tattoos it wasnt till i was 16 that i decided i was getin more then 1 but that is y i got the fuckin thing as a symbol of the greatest friendship iv ever had and that kid is the greatest friend i could ever hope for so if matt still wants to go and say i stole a fuckin idea from him he needs to grow the fuck up cause hey buddy u got stars on yer arm how many fuckin people in the world got that done? and also i have misfits skulls tattooed on me am i jocking offa the 101923 million other people in the world who have that design? no didnt fuckin think so, and i doubt u will read this but i know people who talk to u do so they will prolly say sumthin along the lines of dude matt hannigan was talkin shit on u and no im not talkin shit on u i personaly got no fuckin problem with u i dun really care what u do with yer life i havnt talkd to u in forever so i dunn really give a shit but i find it fuckin retarded that yer sayin i stole an idea from u that a shit load of fuckin people in the world have and i told u before that i was geting

in other news, this awsome old skool record shop opend around the corner from me i fuckin love it its awsome as shit, they got vinlys 45s old skool cds that are hard as shit to find, vhs's and cds and everything is cheap as fuck i got 5 cds and a dvd around there for the price of 2 cds at tower records or coconuts or fye

ahhh wtf im bored im guna go call some heads see wats goin on

Current Mood: annoyed
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